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Architects & Developers…....Professional service at an affordable rate:

I am experienced in helping with initial budget estimates using square metre rates with adjustments for demolitions and alterations and for any specific site difficulties (as we all know square metre rates in themselves don’t always reflect the whole story).

Alternatively sometimes, if the works are of a specialist nature, they might be better assessed by carrying out a more in-depth budget estimate, picking up the main work areas and then pricing them using global rates from similar projects.


Cost Engineering is now a well used term and as someone with experience of pricing at the competitive sharp end of construction; I am well placed to offer advice on the most economical ways to achieve your design objectives throughout the pre-tender process.


I am also able to offer a full Quantity Surveying service including feasibility studies, pre-tender estimates, breakdown templates for tenderers, provisional sum/contingency sum advice, analysis of tenders and professional tender reporting to clients on your behalf.


Throughout the building process I am able to carry out careful checking of contractor valuations to ensure that you do not risk overpayment, and check any variation costs as and when they occur.


I can check and analyse the project final account and negotiate with the builders to ensure that a fair and reasonable final account is reached offering the best possible value to your clients.


I have experience of dealing with claims for loss & expense, preparing adjudication responses and mediating in disputes where relations have become strained.


I have access to experienced M & E Specialists who can assess and negotiate on any major services claims.


I have worked with some excellent and innovative award winning architects and some truly ambitious and talented developers.


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