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Builders…..…From initial site visit to final account:


I’m happy to be involved right from the initial enquiry to help ensure that your money is only invested in estimates/tenders that match your company profile and have a good chance of leading to an eventual order.


I am experienced at measuring all types of building works from architects drawings and specifications and then pricing them up into detailed estimates.

I particularly specialise in difficult refurbishment projects with lots of tricky demolitions and alterations.


Projects are priced using specialist pricing books and pricing data from my own extensive database of recent projects.

I price up preliminaries and suggest a suitably competitive profit margin, although everything is flexible and can be adjusted to suit your own pricing criteria.


All estimates/tenders are based on your specific labour rates and material prices can also be obtained from you own suppliers to ensure the utmost accuracy.


I like to prepare notes to accompany the estimate/tender which helps to provide clarity for both you and your client.


Some Builders like to have a handover meeting, where the estimate/tender can be discussed in detail and any changes made immediately – although I’m also always available at the end of the phone, or via email if needed.


Post Tender:

Once a tender has been secured, I can help with lists of materials for supplier enquiries/ordering and also labour schedules for any packages that you may wish to subcontract or outsource.


I can also visit site as and when required to monitor the work value and carefully log any variations that occur and prepare monthly valuations, to give both you and your client’s confidence that the works & any variations are being accurately assessed.


Subcontractor values & material prices are also checked to ensure that they are in line with the original allowances.


I like to keep an up-to-date final account running throughout the project so that nasty surprises are avoided at completion.


I can help with health & safety, CDM, listed building VAT liability and general correspondence.


I work regularly with select leading small to medium sized professional building companies.


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